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The HIIT Station trainers are well known as the “Transformation Specialists” providing high-quality training services that motivate & support clients to achieve their goals through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Each of our HIIT Station gyms run a minimum of 28 Classes each week. Our classes are performed in a HIIT style, incorporating Muay Thai Kickboxing and Strength & Conditioning methods to help produce a strong, lean physique.

High Intensity Interval Training (otherwise known as HIIT) is a full-body cardio workout that involves alternating short bursts of super intense work, with a low intensity recovery, which is ideal for pushing you out of your comfort zone to achieve the best results.

We use only safe training techniques and advocate a healthy and balanced diet, with no “crash” or unsafe diet changes. We promote a fun and comfortable community environment. We are REAL trainers, with REAL results.


Here at HIIT Station we are known for our fantastic transformations.

We achieve our results through tailored meal plans, targeted training, and an understanding that each person requires individual attention. While we know there is no “quick fix” to achieving long-lasting results, we do believe everyone benefits from having goals to chase and achieve. Let us help you achieve your goals and show you what results you can achieve in just 8 weeks.

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A HIIT above the rest, is my feeling of HIIT Station. I have been a member now for over 6 years and still to this day love everything about the exhilarating exercise classes, experience & community orientated feel the gym and its staff provides. 
Every day and class is a HIIT of happy endorphins to spring into my days!


I started training at HIIT Station at the beginning of June 2017. I signed up to do round 24 of their 8 week challenge and have been a member ever since. I pushed myself in every way and learnt just how fit and strong I can be when I put my mind to it. If you haven’t been to HIIT before, you need to! Going here has changed my life forever. Love my HIIT fam!


"HIIT changed my life.” Four words I always hear to describe this gym and boy oh boy is it accurate! I found HIIT through a transformation photo I scrolled by on Instagram and thought, yes! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I had fallen into a very negative relationship with food. I walked into HIIT Capalaba for the first time just over 12 months ago to sign up for Round 25. Fast forward to today... I have just completed my second challenge in Round 29, I PT with Jaimy Chappelow every week and am completing 4-5 classes purely because I LOVE the electric atmosphere and supportive, family culture created at HIIT Capalaba.


It sounds cheesy, but HIIT quite literally changed my life. I’ve now been at HIIT for about 7 months now and have not only gained so many personal physical and mental goals but I’ve also gained the most amazing friends and experiences. And the people that work there… wow! I don’t even have the words to explain how amazing every single person who works at HIIT is whether they’re a PT, at the front desk, managing HIIT or behind the scenes they have made my journey so much fun as well as making me cry when the pain is almost unbearable.

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