Week 1: Tuesday

Upper Body Workout

EMOM (Upper Body)

“EMOM” stands for “Every Minute on the Minute”. You must complete the prescribed number of reps at each station within 60 seconds. You can then use whatever time is left in that minute to rest before moving on to the next set. If you do not finish the reps within that 60 seconds, you must start the reps again when the next minute ticks over.

3 x 60 Second Rounds of Each Station

Station 1

10 x Push-Ups
10 x Plank-to-Pike Ankle Tap (In Total)

Station 2 

10 x Dips
40 x Mountain Climbers

Station 3

10 x Singe-Arm Bent Over Rows 
Bicep Plate Hold for the remainder of the time until the next round

Station 4

10 x Skydivers 
20 x Shoulder Taps